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Animal Justice Party of Finland (EOP) was triggered off by the need to raise animal justice issues into politics. Decisions made in the near future will define the living environment we are leaving for the next generations to come.

Animal justice issues are focal to the great challenges of our time, such as environmental problems and injustice. Intensive livestock farming escalates climate change and is connected to social inequality and injustice. In our view, respecting animal justice is a natural continuum in the process of dismantling inequality from social structures.

The purpose of EOP is to show the way to a more sustainable and equitable future, where all life is respected. We aim to achieve this through legislative and administrative actions, as well as through information sharing and enlightenment.

We live in an international world, where our everyday choices affect others far beyond our own living environment. This is why a change for better is based on local decisions. In our vision, Finland responds to global challenges by acting as an example of a more sustainable and equitable society, where meat norm no longer justifies the productization of animal lives.